Worship at Wedgwood

Worship at Wedgwood

What to Expect

Worship at Wedgwood is usually described as modern and contemporary, energetic, and a congregation that sings.

Our morning worship times are led by our Pastor of Worship, a Praise Team, a Full Choir, and a Six Piece Band. The worship at Wedgwood represents a variety of styles of music extending from modern versions of hymns to songs being written today, along with songs that have been written by Wedgwood. The standard by which a song is chosen to be used at Wedgwood is not as much the musical genre of the song, but rather the biblical, theological, and doctrinal integrity of the song itself.

The drama team brings short sketches to the service on occasion to help relay the Scriptural message of the day.

Using the technology available along with songs and drama, the goal of each worship experience is to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ.

The WedgWorship Praise Teams

The members of the praise team, or front teams, are made up of members from the choir. Each team is different in its make up giving variety to each service.

The WedgWorship Choir

There is no audition for the worship choir. We welcome you and would be delighted for you to join us for rehearsal at 6:30 PM in our choir room located immediately behind the platform of the worship center. The worship choir leads worship most Sunday mornings. In addition, there are occasional evening events that the choir is also a part. Please contact Phil at phil@wedgwoodbc.org for more information. The choir usually takes a break during part of the summer months.

The WedgWorship Drama Team (Acting Up)

Worship’s drama team is called Acting Up. They perform small sketches in the services to full-length dramas. For more information about Acting Up, contact Phil at phil@wedgwoodbc.org.

The WedgWorship Band

The Wedgwood band is not open for auditions, but if you are interested in being a part, please contact phil@wedgwoodbc.org for more information. The band positions are only available on an as needed basis.

The WedgWorship Media Team

The media team is headed up by our media coordinator, Scott Sumner. Each full service demands approximately 15 people behind the scenes. It is described as a fun, sometimes even crazy team. The interaction of this team makes it possible for all of the integral aspects of the service to flow as smoothly as possible and to minimize distractions in a worship service. Contact phil@wedgwoodbc.org or scott.sumner@wedgwoodbc.org for more information.


Worship Ministry and Media Staff