How can I know my church is a safe place to be during Covid-19?

How can I know what the safety precautions Wedgwood is taking to keep our church safe?

  • Wedgwood’s staff cleans daily throughout the week sanitizing doors, light switches, handrails, and seating.
  • We use a professional cordless electrostatic handheld sprayer to sanitize meeting spaces.
  • We have installed hand sanitizers at all entrances and throughout the building for maintaining sanitized hands.
  • We highly encourage individuals to wear a mask at all times while attending Wedgwood.

Will the seating be social distanced?

  • We are using green circles and yellow circles to let you know where appropriate seating is.
  • The green circles indicate that you and your guests can sit on this row of seats.
  • The yellow circles indicate that this row is to be saved and not sat on until someone directs you to these rows.
  • We will be encouraging groups to social distance their seats from other groups by using the large worship center, including the balcony.

What are the procedures for communication if someone notifies the church that they attended services while being positive with Covid-19?

  • The staff at Wedgwood will access which groups the person came in contact with and notify them asap.
  • A staff member will stay connected to the Covid-19 positive individual to ensure they quarantine for the necessary amount of time.
  • If a situation presents itself where the entire congregation needs to be notified, the staff will send emails and texts to notify all members.
  • If a Covid-19 outbreak happens at Wedgwood Baptist Church, we will take the steps needed to scale ministry back to a safe place.