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From the Desk of Dale Braswell, Lead Pastor

What is Community?

What is community? It is a word that we often use, but we may not really know how to define it. One example of community is seen in the movie, The Fellowship of the Ring. In one scene Frodo [...]

Inside the Music: Phil Beck, Associate Pastor for Worship and Media


May 20 2019 We have been doing a lot of research and praying through what is best for our website. Those of you who go to our website often will see some changes along the way in the next few [...]

Graduating Seniors

May 13 2019 This week we are celebrating the graduating seniors from high school in the service. Jay and Jordan will have the service this coming Sunday. I am asking that this week you spend some [...]

Habitual Listener

May 6 2019 Privilege! We are so privileged. Since you are reading this, you are most likely a Christian. We are chosen. John 15 tells us that we did not choose Him, but He chose us, and ordained [...]

Casey Williams’ Preschool and Children’s Update

WedgKids Update

Hello Everyone, I hope you have had a great holiday season and a relaxing beginning to your new year. I wanted to share a lot of things with you today that are coming up in the next few weeks. [...]