The Vision

On September 27 after service, we will have the worship center open for anyone that wants to write Scripture or words on the cement floor before the flooring goes down.

Installation of Screen

Demonstration of Screen

The Construction

Entrances and Exits During Renovation

Because of construction and for the safety of Wedgwood’s members and attenders, the following will be a guide to entering and exiting the building during construction.

  1. The West Entrance by the offices and South Entrance by the flag pole will not be accessible to be used on Sundays or Wednesdays for entering or exiting the church building.
  2. To enter the office on weekdays during office hours, as always will require calling the receptionist by pushing the button to the left of the West Entrance doors. The receptionist will buzz you in. The far left door in the set of doors to the west entrance will be the access door. The office hours are Mondays-Thursdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. until 12 Noon.
  3. Library hours will only be after the morning service and access will be through Room 110 from inside the building.
  4. The North Entrance by the gym and the East Entrance across from Bruce Shulkey Elementary will be open on Sundays.
  5. The check-in area for preschool will be held at the East Entrance only. All other entrances to preschool and will not be accessible.

Things to know:

  1. The Worship Center will not be accessible during the remodel construction.
  2. The hallways surrounding the Worship Center area will not be accessible during the remodel construction.
  3. The doors will be locked and covered to prevent access. For your safety, please do not attempt to enter.
  4. For a map of entrances/exits click here: entrances-and-foot-traffic-pattern-map

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we’ve heard so far and a few that we anticipate.

If the answer to your question is not answered below, please email and your question will be addressed as quickly as possible.

When did construction begin? Construction began in May with removing all carpet and flooring that will be replaced.

Where will we meet during the renovations? Services will be held in our CLC (gym) with additional overflow space in 130.

Will we be able to have access to the worship center while the remodel is taking place? There will not be access to the worship center and surrounding areas during renovations. There might be opportunities when the workers are not here to do an update tour, but most likely this will be a rare occasion, if any.

What entrances will not be accessible? The South and the West entrance will not be available. The East entrance by the preschool and the north entrance by the gym

How do we see the baptistry? The screen has motors that raise the screen to open up the baptismal area.

Are the line of sight issues corrected? The line of sight is greatly improved. This is one reason the screen is motorized. There will always be a few line of sight issues. Another change is in the platform. The side walls are lowered and the main part of the platform is higher.

The pictures do not show the band or the choir. Are we still going to have a band and choir? Yes!

What do the choir chairs look like? They will be stack-able out of the same material as the congregational seating.

How is the band going to be placed on the platform? Basically the same set-up previously done.

Does the screen move? Yes! It has a motor and will be raised higher for baptisms.

What areas are being renovated? In the worship center: The platform, the congregational seating, the carpet, and the tile under the seating will all be updated. The sound system, the congregational and platform lighting replaced and updated, the online streaming cameras, and the video screens will be replaced.

Outside of the worship center: The west and south area around the worship center will be updated. Other areas will be renovated also through 2021.

Since we will have a center aisle, are there steps in the middle of the platform for events such as weddings? Yes! The steps are portable and will be placed where and when they are needed for services and events in the worship center.

Will this take away the temporary added platform pieces at the front of the platform? Absolutely!

Will this remodel increase our seating capacity? Yes. Currently the seating capacity is approximately 900. This will increase to approximately 957.

What company is doing the renovations? There are three companies involved in the renovations. Church Interiors will be handling all of the renovations except for AVL (audio, visual, lighting) in the worship center. AVL is being handled by Mankin Group out of Nashville, and the structural changes in the worship center platform and media area in the balcony are being designed by Huckabee.

Could the ceiling structure be cantilevered in order to remove the support pole at the balcony? The pole supports in the balcony are built in a way to hold the balcony in place. Removing them would result in no balcony support.

Where are the seats manufactured? Series Seating is the name of the manufacturer in Miami, Florida

If the chair contract cannot be fulfilled, do we have the ability to order from another manufacturer? A deposit has already been made on the seating and cannot be refunded. The chairs are in the “cue” to be manufactured.

How are worship center lights changed? The Worship Center lighting is different in two ways. First, they are LEDs which are brighter and last around 10-15 years before replacing. Secondly, they are fit between the acoustic clouds therefore being around 35-40 feet from the floor instead of 54 feet. They are in lift reach.

What about the width of chairs. Do the chair arms raise up for people who are larger so they will have more space? The width of the chairs are 22” instead of the standard 18”. They do not have arms between the seats therefore allowing the use of two seats if needed.

Will there be wheelchair accessibility to the platform? No. The rules of how many feet that would be needed would take the ramp to the back of the worship center.

Are there handicap spots for wheelchairs? There are 12 handicap spots around the worship center.