Missional Communities

Sunday Morning Small Groups

Missional Communities are small groups that meet weekly for prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. They are the primary source of fellowship, pastoral care, and accountability for a disciple at Wedgwood.

Our Missional Communities each adopt a local community ministry not directly connected to Wedgwood to serve and support.

What are Missional Communities?
Small groups which provide opportunities for prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and service. Missional Communities meet on the Wedgwood campus each Sunday morning. We have missional communities for all ages and life stages.
All Ages
Our heart's desire is for you to commit your life and will to the care and control of Christ Jesus and then help others do the same. Be a disciple who is making disciples!
7th-12th Grade
A church with a history of striving to make youth growing their relationship with the Lord,
our goal is to encourage students to own their walk with the Lord so they are able to multiply themselves as a disciple and a disciple-maker.
1st - 6th Grade
Multiplying kingdom growth for children through discipleship.
Birth - PreK
Preschool is not just daycare at Wedgwood. Every time we get a chance to be with our little ones, we have a full Bible study prepared. We use a wide range of curriculum and activities to engage children with the love of Christ.