Ethi0pia Partnership (since 2008)

Since 2008, The Wedgwood Abyssinia team has been focused on spreading the Gospel and providing humanitarian aid to an unreached people group (UPG) in the Horn of Africa. Originally, our focus was on a specific country but due to travel and security restrictions, we have partnered with long-term missionaries and nationals in Ethi0pia.

We’ve followed the Holy Spirit’s guidance and here are just a few things that we’ve seen accomplished:

  • A family of 6 Wedgies have answered the call to live and work full-time in the region WBC
  • Training of Ethi0pian aid workers to make and distribute eyeglasses and distribute and educate villagers about alternate green sources of energy used for cooking food and sterilizing water
  • Providing funds for Scripture translation, distribution and education resulting in a wildfire growth in the number of believers
  • Providing funds to create and show the Jesus Film in the local language – first movie ever created in the region’s language that has proved to be an incredibly effective way to share the Gospel message with results.
  • We have seen the book of Acts come to life right in front of us.


The WBC missionary family we are partnering with is continuing their language studies, assimilating into the local culture and setting up a network of discipling.

We are currently supporting several strategic goals with Acts1:8 Mission funding and look forward to planning future travels as we welcome new leadership here at WBC.

Wedgwood has been asked to:

  • Continue to support distribution of audio Bibles and train users in discipleship
  • Continue to support showing of the Jesus film
  • Continue to pray

Wondering what you can do?

  • We hope to send at least one team overseas in 2017. Prayerfully consider if you might be called to go
  • Pray for the spread of the Gospel
  • Pray for the health and welfare of our partner team

Interested in a long-term position in the field or called to provide funds for construction?  Contact Us