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  • I love the way our church family enjoys being together. Whether it is a worship service, VBS, Fall Festival, potlucks, any church event, our church family loves to fellowship with each other. The old joke about turning off the lights to get people to leave is somewhat true. And it doesn't end when you leave Wedgwood. So many people consider Wedgwood their Home even when they have moved away. We see Wedgwood Members all over the world and they still think of Wedgwood as family!! Once you are a part of the Wedgwood are Family for Life!

    Jeff Laster
  • What I love about Wedgwood Baptist Church is the people. The moment my wife and I entered the church we felt like we mattered. We were welcomed by people who did not treat us as a guest or stranger, but like you would greet a close friend. We joined the church a month after we got married, so our membership is important to us because this was the first church that we as a couple chose to join. We look at our membership like becoming a part of a family. We are blessed to have the people of Wedgwood in our lives.

    Jordan Gregory Seminary Student
  • WBC is our forever family! We were taken in as family from the very first day we came for a visit...10-ish years ago. I love serving & worshiping alongside everyone!

    Rebecca S.
  • The ladies who welcomed me as a widow to a singles class made my first visit feel like I was home. We hear sermons directly from the pages of God's history book, the Bible. Wedgwood Baptist Church is involved in home missions, missions to other states and world missions. We are not perfect people, but we worship a perfect God who sent His perfect Son to die on the cross for our sins and believing in his death and resurrection entitles me to eternity with the everlasting God.

    Carolyn C.

Interested in becoming a member?

The process is easy.

1. Faith in Christ – Membership at Wedgwood is open to anyone who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and made a commitment to his Lordship over their lives.

2. Baptism – Trusting in Jesus alone is what saves you but we believe that the Bible has clear instructions about Baptism by immersion.

If you have questions about salvation and baptism, we’ll be happy to answer them.

3. During most of our morning worship services, you’ll hear Dale, our Pastor, extend an invitation to join the church. Come on down, shake his hand and one of our staff members or volunteers will escort you to a receiving area, hear your story and record your information so we can send you an invitation to our New Members Class.

4. Complete the New Member Discovery Class. New Members Class is a one-time-only orientation class offered several times a year. We will notify you with the date and time.

During the orientation, you’ll hear a quick overview of Wedgwood Baptist Church’s history, our beliefs, ministry opportunities and how to connect with other members.

During this class, you will also be given an opportunity to complete your new member paperwork.

We will also discuss any further questions you might have, take your photo for our online directory and send you home with a welcome packet full of useful information. Don’t miss the coupon for a free latte!

Check our Calendar to find out when the next New Members Class is scheduled.