Mission Statement

Glorify Christ by Making Disciples who Worship, Grow in Missional Communities, Serve, and Multiply Disciples

We worship.
We want to worship God together as a body of believers every Sunday morning, and also as individual members of the larger group. We want to encourage a life of worship that is incorporated into our families and our everyday lives.
We grow.
Missional Communities meet weekly for prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. They are the primary source of fellowship, pastoral care, and accountability for a disciple at Wedgwood. Each of our Missional Communities adopts a local community ministry not directly connected to Wedgwood to serve and support.
We serve.
Each disciple of Christ is called to use his or her gifts, skills, and talents in service to the Lord in the local church. Disciples will be offered opportunities to serve in various ministries of the church. Service not only contributes to the mission of the church but also spurs spiritual maturity in the life of the disciple.
We multiply.
All of our efforts as a church will ultimately further our goal to plant churches and multiply the Kingdom of God. We will grow as a church to send people out to plant churches. We will increase in giving to further fund new churches. We will develop disciples who can lead in new churches.


Reliance on the Spirit
John 15:5,7
We belong to Jesus Christ. It is His church. Therefore, as a church, we will seek to rely on Him for wisdom and direction in how to lead His body.
We is greater than Me
Philippians 2:1-8
We will strive for sacrificial humility that places the need of the whole ahead of the want of the individual.
Luke 10:38-42
We will strive to do fewer things better in an effort to make the maximum impact for the kingdom.
2 Timothy 2:2
We will multiply disciples, multiply leaders, and multiply churches.