WedgKids Weekend Update

Hey Parents & Leaders!

I hope you are having a healthy and enjoyable week. It has been pretty cool to recognize and pray for our Missions partners across the globe this week. Sunday will complete our Missions Week emphasis. I hope you’ll join us in person if possible.

Upward Registration is LIVE

Registration opens: Now – December 2nd CLICK HERE to REGISTER

Evaluation dates: November 8th,15th,29th, and December 2 from 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Other Evaluation dates& times: November 7th & 28th from 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Team selection: December 19th

First week of Practice: January 3rd

First Game: January 15th

Picture Day: January 22nd

Last Game: February 19th

End of year Celebration at the park: Possibly February 20th

This year our league will be from Kindergarten – 6th grade.

We are keeping our cost for the season the same this year as we had for last year! The cost per player in the family will be shown below.

  • 1st player:                            $70.00
  • 2nd player:                           $65.00
  • 3rd – +:  $60.00 per player

TCU Fundraiser for WedgKids for CentriKid Camp

We need you to join us as we serve TCU football games. Each game that you serve, you earn $60 towards your child’s camp. Sign up for any of the remaining dates by texting TCU to 817.292.1400. We still need 8 adults for September 25th. Will you serve alongside me?

National Night Out on Wedgwood’s North Parking Lot

October 5th is Texas’ National Night Out. 5 pm till 8 pm at Wedgwood Baptist Church. There will be all kinds of games, food trucks, cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, vendors giving away free items, and registration prizes of all kinds. It will be sponsored by the neighborhoods of South Hills South, Wedgwood East, & Wedgwood Square.

Family Devotional Connection

This week our Big God Story focuses on Abram and his covenant with God.
Click here to be connected to the Family Devotional.

Pastor Dale’s Sermon Application Questions

How can you seek to be submissive to the Spirit this week?

Do you ever struggle with trusting God when the future is unknown? How can you grow in your trust?

Who is someone in your life who needs to hear the gospel of grace?

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