WedgKids Weekend Update

Hey Parents and Leaders,

Here is this week’s Family Devotional!

I need to tell you about a unique opportunity that the WedgKids have been given. We have been offered an opportunity to join the Wedgwood Student Ministry in working TCU football games. We will be working in the Legends Club which is a newly built Club level and suites for high paying fans. We will need 10 people each game day to clean tables and to help with the food and beverages. It is not difficult and it always gives you the opportunity to eat a meal. We will get compensated quite nicely for working all 6-7 games. If you the parent signup to work 2 games, it could cover your child’s CentriKid Camp cost for summer 2022. Click here to see the dates and to sign-up for the dates you are able to serve.

Meet in the Middle for rising 7th graders is this Wednesday from 2-7 p.m. Here are the details!

Move Up Sunday is August 15th

WedgKids Wednesdays kickoff September 8th.