WedgKids Weekend Update

Hey Parents & Leaders!

Sports & Fine Arts Camp

I encourage you to register today if you are thinking about attending. We have over 60 registered as of today and most of those are from our community. We are going to teach frisbee throwing, 9 Square in the Air, Dodgeball, The History of a Selfie, How to move in Rhythm, & What’s Compassion. These are going to be the 6 breakout stations that kids will rotate through each night. Here is the link to register your camper or if you would like to volunteer, CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

Donuts with Dads

This year, June 20th we are hosting all the dads and kids of any age. Donuts are not just for kids. We are going to have a great program from 8-8:45 am on June 20th in the gym.
If you need a church dad to come and pick your kids up to experience this event together, LET ME KNOW! We have plenty of dads that would love to come but their kids are older and live in a different city, but they would love to be a dad eating donuts with a kid again. Contact myself or Patrick so that we can set this up.

June 16th – WedgKids Summer Kickoff

We are going to have a party on the North Parking Lot and we want your family to join us. We are going to have hamburgers, chips, ice cream sandwiches, and all the stuff.
We just need you, your family, and your neighborhood friends to join us for a family night of fun and water!

At-Home Family Devotional

Here is the link to your parent guide to connecting your kids to the Bible story before they arrive at church. We would love for you to begin the teaching and the conversation about Biblical topics before arriving on campus. Quick Reminder – you can always text-to-checkin starting at 8:30 am. Text the word “check” to 817.292.1400.

Have a wonderful weekend and WedgKids leaders will be ready for you on Sunday!

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