Hey Coaches,

This week you should be sharing the devotion from week 6 or week 7. Your kids should have been given the Week 5 cooperation card with the verse on it. The verse is Ecclesiastes 4:9. We definitely want to encourage the players to memorize the verse and then give them a green star when they say it from memory.
Next week we will do Practice 8 devotion and give out Practice 8 card.
Last thing that I want to remind you of is this: Please reward all your players at the end of the game with a star. You should have 2 of each color star for each week. This will probably mean that 2 players will get the same color but that’s ok. Make sure to emphasize why you are giving them that color star and what it represents. Encourage each player and the efforts that they have given during the game.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me back.
Casey Williams

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