WedgKids Weekend Update 1-17-21

Hello Parents & Leaders!

It is my hope that you are enjoying your day and sharing joy with others around you. It is my goal to partner with you and your family to see Jesus glorified in all of our lives.
Here are a few ways that I am seeking to do this:

  • Weekly Family Devotional that connects to what we are learning about on campus.
    Here is the link for this week’s devotion.
  • Patrick and myself are making weekly videos to assist you in being a Disciple Making Parent. I believe it is the primary purpose of being a parent is to be a disciple maker of our own children. If you have not seen any of these videos, you can find them in this YouTube playlist, here. This week’s topic is “Praying for your children.”
  • Upward Basketball Season: During the season of Upward, your child is encouraged to grow socially, mentally, physically, and emotionally through the different aspects of Upward. It is also one of the best times to reach out to teammates and their parents. The last way is that the Children’s Ministry provides an opportunity to teach your child about serving the local church. Our Children’s Ministry is responsible for the concession stand on Friday night and all day Saturday. I am providing 4 opportunities each Saturday for you and your child to serve together. If you would like to know more or signup to serve, please click this link to read what we are doing and how we are planning safety around the concession stand. We have 2 spots still open for the first Saturday of Upward.
  • Sundays and Wednesdays, WedgKids are back meeting on campus. We use hand sanitizer and seek to social distance when possible. We are sanitizing all the items used during ministry after each day it is used. Wedgwood has also made masks mandatory while on campus. These are our ways of providing safety measures while still choosing to be a part of the community of believers, known as Wedgwood Baptist Church.
  • I want to connect with you as the parent personally. I seek to send some form of communication to a group of parents every week, working my way through the list of families. Many of you I have heard from several times, but some of you, I haven’t, but would like to. Let me know how I can pray for you, encourage you, or help in any way. I would love it!

Worshipology will not be presenting on January 31. The team of leaders decided it was not in the best interest to attempt to do a large presentation involving all the ministries at this time.

I hope you guys stay safe. I do hope to see you soon, but until then send me a text, email, facebook message, What’sApp message, Tweet, Instagram message, or even comment down below on this message. Thanks and have a great day!

Casey Williams

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