Upward Concessions

Hello Children’s Ministry Families,

Upward Concessions every year goes to benefit the Children’s Ministry and CentriKid Camp. This year we are still planning on offering the Concession Stand at Upward games, but we are making a few changes. These are:

  • We will have one way traffic. In one door and out through the last door
  • There will be social distance markers on the floor to keep individuals spaced out while purchasing concessions.
  • We will ask anyone eating or drinking to do that out in the Resource Center and not in the concession stand area
  • One family serving the concession stand at a time
  • I am asking every family to take just 1 timeslot during the season
  • The timeslots are for 90 minutes each
  • There will only be 4 timeslots each Saturday
  • We may offer 1 hot item at lunch time but primarily we will be serving prepackaged snacks and pre-bottled drinks.

This does specially help Upward Basketball, WedgKids Children’s Ministry, and those attending CentriKid Camp(3rd-6th grades). Will you signup to serve just once this season?

Here is the link to Upward Concession Sign-up.

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