WedgKids Weekend Update

Parents & Leaders,

We enjoyed meeting together for the first time officially since March 8th. It was a very successful time out on the North Parking Lot for WedgKids Wednesdays. If you joined us for the first time, I hope your kids had fun and learned a few things about Jacob and Esau. Our plan is to continue meeting outside until our staff can prepare for inside ministry. If you did not join us, I hope you will consider joining us next Wednesday, September 23. As a parent, you are welcome to stay with us and to watch your child if you are concerned about anything.

Here is this week’s HomeFront Weekly

Parenting Resources:

An Interesting Article for Moms with Daughters

An Interesting Article for Dads with Daughters

Listen to this podcast called “The Boy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson.” Episode 72 is called “Help for When Kids Worry, with Sissy Goff.” It is really great!

Application Questions that connect to Sunday’s Sermon:

What is something you are tempted to trust in more than God?
How can Scripture help to build your faith and trust in God?
Does your life demonstrate a trust and faith in God that can be an example to people who do not know Christ?

Sunday’s WedgKids Video Link:

Click here to see where to find Sunday’s teaching for kids.

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