WedgKids Weekend Update

Hello Parents and Leaders,

Here is this week’s HomeFront Weekly Family Devotional.

Wednesdays & Sundays

This past Wednesday, IT RAINED!!! On the Wednesday Kickoff Night of all nights. WedgKids will always have a video loaded on Wedgwood’s YouTube Channel whether it rains or not. In the future you will always know this will be our backup plan in case of inclement weather. We will also always have a video on Sunday mornings at 11:15 a.m. on the YouTube Channel. Help your kids stay connected to what we are studying in God’s word weekly by participating in these videos. They will usually be 20 – 30 minutes long.

Disciple Making Parent Videos

Patrick and I have been creating video content to encourage you as a parent based on a book called “Disciple Making Parent.” These videos come out every other Friday or as often as we make a video. This Friday is another episode called “Connecting Your Children to Others.” The book shares great practical advice on how to connect your children with other adults that your children will call mentors. I know I look back on my childhood and remember the lady that always encouraged me with a piece of gum or mint in church. I remember the man that always shook my hand and gripped it so hard I didn’t know if my hand worked afterwards. These are memories I have because of my interactions with other adults at church. These adults helped influence my faith. Do you have a strategy for connecting your children with other adults so that those adults can influence the faith of your children? Check out this week’s Disciple Making Parent video.

Pastor Dale’s Application Questions

Is there an area in your life in which you need to be reminded that God is sovereign?
Is there an area of your life in which you need to be encouraged to persevere and not give up?
Who is someone God may be leading you to share the gospel with?
Have a blessed weekend and I look forward to hearing how life is going in your family!
Casey Williams
Preschool and Children’s Minister

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