WedgKids Weekend Update

Hello Parents and Leaders,

I hope and pray that you all are doing well! School is gearing up to begin over the next few weeks and that is stirring in my heart the desire for our children to have opportunities to gather together again. I am trying to consider safe ways to gather but fun ways to gather as well. I know that many people do not have any concerns at all about Covid-19 and other families are very concerned about the spread of Covid-19. I want each of you to know that I consider everyone important, and how they feel about it matters to me. When I plan an event or a meeting in the future, I will be considering everyone in mind and not just one opinion or the other. That being said, I would like some feedback from you on what we are offering beginning in September. Here is a 3 question survey where you can tell me how you feel about future ministry opportunities.

This Sunday’s Worship Theme:

Philippians 3:17 – 4:1
Joy in Examples
Here are 3 Application Questions: Who are you imitating in life?  Is your life worthy of imitation?   Who are you mentoring?
These questions might be good to think about during the sermon or even to discuss with your older elementary children.

This Sunday’s Family Teaching Lesson:

Here is this week’s HomeFront Weekly family devotion.
Our teaching topic is Jesus is Invincible
The Return of Christ
Revelation 19, 21, & 22

Did you know? Share these facts to get the conversation started.

  • Jesus is invincible! Some of the best images that describe His invincibility can be found in the book of Revelation.
  • John wrote this book in the apocalyptic genre. The word apocalypse means “an unveiling,” and the book of Revelation truly unveils Jesus Christ in all His fullness.
  • Apocalyptic literature consists of symbolic visions recorded exactly as they were seen by the author and explained through a divine interpreter.
  • The message of Revelation still speaks to us today, revealing Jesus’ true nature as astounding, terrifying, and beautiful. How incredible to know that one day our invincible Lord will vanquish evil!

Wednesday, August 12th Activities

Click here to see the image of what we will be doing.

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