WedgKids Weekend Update

Hey Parents and Leaders,

I pray that you are well and following God’s guidance through all the uncertainty right now. There is so much division over lots of different issues currently and I know God wants us to love Him with all our heart, soul, & mind and to love our neighbor as our self. My goal is to provide resources that encourage your family to do just that.

Focus 2

Next Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, we will be offering an online teaching and challenge series for elementary at 10 am and for preschool at 9 am on Wedgwood’s YouTube channel. The goal of this 2nd week is to provide more Biblical content that is specific to children. The bible challenges that will be offered are meant to be worked on for several days to several weeks. For example, one challenge is to memorize the books of the Bible in order. There aren’t cooking challenges or Zoom meetings with this week. The preschool ministry is offering a snack making challenge each day. The main work of the elementary is to provide several Biblical challenges for kids as many parents have shared that they are running out of things for their kids to do. The resources for the week can be found on the same webpage as before, CLICK HERE.

6th Grade Promotion

August 4th & 5th is Basic Training with the Student Ministry. You will be hearing more about this next week from Patrick. He and I will be partnering together to host this relational time of transition for our rising 7th graders. One thing to know ahead of time, is that he would like families that have a rising 7th grader or older to join the student ministry for a lake day on the afternoon of August 5th. More details to come from the Student Ministry.

Promotion Sunday

We are waiting on Promotion Sunday until all Missional Communities return back on campus. Promotion Sunday will likely be the Sunday we return for Missional Communities on campus. Several parents have asked about Children’s groups returning sooner, and at this time we are not ready for that yet. However, I am working on a plan that might allow for specific grades to meet at a scheduled time on a specific day. This option might become a reality if Missional Communities decide it is not safe for them to return to meeting on campus on Sunday mornings.

WedgKids Wednesdays

We will have WedgKids Wednesdays in the fall either in person or a recorded session that kids can experience at home. We are working on the details of if it is needed to be an at-home experience, that we will have different leaders interact with the participants each week. We have also made the decision to only have Worshipology as the only option for our relational engagement time that happens between 7:00 – 7:30 p.m. The reason for this is that the gym is full of worship equipment and chairs. It is for the same reason we will not have Wednesday evening meals offered until we return to the Worship Center. Worshipology is planning a big Christmas presentation that is going to be a lot of fun. I hope this helps bring some clarity to what’s coming in the future.

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