WedgKids Weekend Update

Hey Families,

This Sunday there are a few unique things that are happening.

  • This Sunday is going to be live streamed from YouTube & Facebook not “Premiered”. The goal of this is to prepare for returning to the building very soon. If this does not work very well, the service will be posted on Facebook &  YouTube like a regular video at 10:15 am. Look for these differences so you are prepared.
  • This Sunday is the first Sunday that the worship service is recorded from the Gym. It will give you a glimpse of the new look of worship for the time being during renovation.

Here is the teaching topic and resources for this Sunday:

  • The topic is the wise builder verses the foolish builder. Are you living on a firm foundation?
    The scripture passage is Matthew 7:24-29.
  • Here are 3 application questions:
    1. How have some of the storms of life been used by God to strengthen your faith?
    2. What is your typical routine and method of reading God’s Word?
    3. What are some areas God is calling you to obey His Word today?
  • Here is the Preschool Resource for this Sunday

Read about Sports & Fine Arts Camp here. We are desiring you to register so that we can send you links and connect with you during the event.

Check out Patrick and Casey’s Church-At-Home video posted today at 12 p.m. on YouTube. We are discussing being a disciple making parent. Have you decided how you will add things back to your calendar?

Have a great weekend and holiday on Monday!

Casey Williams
Julie Ross

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