WedgKids Weekend Update

Good Day Wonderful People!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. We want to say Thank You! to all the mothers out there, especially our Wedgwood mommas. We love you and appreciate you, but we don’t say it enough. We hope your weekend is relaxing and enjoyable.

Sunday, May 10th Resources

This Sunday’s teaching topic is “Fruitfulness” from Matthew 7:15-20.
Can good fruit come from a bad tree and bad fruit fruit from a good tree?
Verse 18 is a great verse is use to explain to your children the meaning behind this week’s message.
Is your family working together to memorize a scripture passage? Choose one this week and encourage each other to memorize it then quote it to each other around the house.

Here are 4 Sermon Application Questions for you to discuss with your family:

  • What are some things we may think or believe that may not align with Scripture?
  • What is the correct truth we need to instill into our minds?
  • What are some of the messages we hear from the culture that do not align with God’s Word?
  • Who is someone you can teach or show God’s truth to?

Ideas for preschool and younger elementary

Sports & Fine Arts Camp 2020

This is an opportunity to share the gospel with family or neighbors. Register your children and invite a few other children, either cousins, school friends, or neighborhood friends to join us online for this unique summer experience. I think it is going to be a ton of fun, but only if you join us.
Register Here

New Church At Home series

On Friday, May 8th, Patrick and I will be sharing a new resource with you to encourage your family and you as parents. Be sure to check out all of the videos that our staff is creating to keep you connected through this time of “Church At Home.” Here is a link to Wedgwood’s YouTube Channel.

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