Missional Community Update

When We’re Together Again– staff has been monitoring the roll-out of Phase I from the State of Texas in easing the COVID-19 restrictions. We have also been on many Zoom calls with area church leaders regarding assembling again.
• Tentative date = May 24. We’re waiting for the May 18 word from the State of Texas regarding Phase II of easing restrictions.
• When we come back, we’re planning on 1 worship service, at 9:30a.m. on Sunday’s. There will be no childcare or classes for Preschool through Students and no on-campus Missional Community meetings. There will be no Sunday evening services or Wednesday evening activities.
• When we come back, we’ll attempt to do a live stream of the worship service on Facebook and YouTube for those at home. If we run into technical problems, we’ll resume recording the worship services and then posting as we’ve been doing.
• Missional Communities- continue to utilize Zoom for Bible study and other things. Note- I did get a question about the protocol for if an MC wanted to meet physically together in a home. If your MC is comfortable with physically assembling in a home, follow “safe” procedures, and I’ll defer to your best judgment.

Church Office Hours– we have resumed limited office hours- Monday and Thursday, 8a.m. to 5p.m.

What Am I Learning?– check out- https://wedgwoodbc.org/2020/04/30/what-am-i-learning/. We’d like folks to share what God has been teaching through this season.

Sports and Fine Arts Camp “Home Edition”– it’s happening…online!! For more info and registration, go to https://wedgwoodbc.org/camp/

Dale’s Application Questions for Sunday– our Scripture is Matthew 7:15-20, and we’ll be focusing on discerning via the fruit one bears.
• What are some things we may think or believe that may not align with Scripture?
• What is the correct truth we need to instill in our minds?
• What are some of the messages we hear from the culture that do not align with God’s Word?
• Who is someone you can teach this to? (fellow church members, child, friend, etc.).


Agape– directors Larry and Donna Osborne are inviting one couple at a time throughout the week to their backyard just to hang out and get some “face to face” time while social distancing.

Bread Breakers– had a “social distancing” fellowship last week at a person’s home.

Getting Together- I’ve gotten some questions as to MC’s fellowshipping and/or doing bible study personally, physically in homes. I’m great with that and trust your best judgment. Everyone is focusing on staying safe and being responsible and that is a helpful guide regarding this season.

Lastly, again, I just can’t thank the Lord enough for you all. I’ve heard it said that a crisis brings out what is already inside a person. This crisis has brought out much tangible love, care, and ingenuity in you all. You’re rising to this challenge and are trusting God and doing what you can. Your witness has encouraged me greatly.

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