What Am I Learning?

The last few months have been unusual to say the least.  Many people have experienced significant disruption to their “normal” routines and life experiences. Amid the concerns of this pandemic we have seen businesses and schools close, people express anxiety and concern about the spread of the virus, and even churches have been forced to move to an online form of worship. 

But it is important to remember that God is still in control. Amidst the chaos He is still sovereign and working all of this for His glory. Because God is sovereign, we can know that He also has something to teach us through this season. There are lessons we can learn in times of abundance and times of scarcity. We can learn through times of ease and of discomfort. 

As a result ,we have repeatedly asked two questions in our church community through this season. What is God saying to me? What am I going to do about it? Through these past few weeks I have continually asked God to help me learn the lessons He would have for me and our church body through this pandemic. I am sure that many of you are aware of some important spiritual epiphanies as well. 

One of the greatest things we can do with the lessons that God is teaching us is to share them with others. Therefore, I want to encourage you to take a moment to briefly (1 – 4 sentences) share what you sense God is teaching you through this season. What are some lessons you are learning? What are some things you hope to continue to do differently once things return to “normal.” After you submit your lesson we will then make it available for others on this site to read as a means “to stir up one another to love and good works.”

Pastor Dale

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  • Phil Beck

    I have learned that when opportunities arise to “go the extra mile,” the people of Wedgwood step up to the plate…what a blessing it is to see the church in action-Phil Beck

    • Sherrie Wiles

      I have been calling church members and have been talking for about one hour. I plan to continue this when restrictions ease up.

      I have really been getting to know my friends better throughout this pandemic.

      I am working doing Petsitting and Babysitting. I am getting a few graphic design jobs too. Wedgwood Baptist Church people have blessed me with cash too. I feel blessed beyond belief. Some

  • Sharon V Hess

    I have learned the peace and joy that can be embraced with an “unhurried pace”. Thus, the following verse has become more precious to me.

    Psalm 46:10
    Be still and know that I am God.

    Sharon Hess

  • Carol Wadley

    I have made a conscious effort to look for God’s fingerprint on everything. As a widow, His Word tells me He is now my husband. I had taken things for granted. I have stopped to take notice during this time of being home alone. I am not alone. He is here!

  • Beverly. Bohn

    God is trying to get our attention. God is still on the throne. While we are “locked down” we have many blessings to be thankful for. If Jesus is in your boat you will not sink.

  • Ruth Harris

    I used to think I enjoyed going to the gym and the grocery store because I enjoyed exercising and seeing lots of food. I realized in March that what I missed most was talking to people at the gym about Christ, and asking the deli workers and cashiers (when not too busy) how I could pray for them.

  • Ruth Harris

    God has reminded me how generous He is. When I catch myself feeling fussy, I start thanking Him. It is easy to think of MANY reasons for gratitude! As Paul wrote in 1 Timothy 6:17, God “richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.”

    And one of the most enjoyable things He gives us is described in 1 Timothy 6:18-19–opportunities to be generous and ready to share, thus experiencing what is really life.

  • Ruth Harris

    I have to take full responsibility for my weaknesses, which seem more obvious now. There are no excuses for my lack of self-discipline, lack of productivity, now that I am working alone on projects with no urgent deadlines. Even though there are no scheduled activities (besides worship and 2 weekly Zooms with my missional community), I somehow distract myself into procrastinating working on my work goals. My time management problem did not start in Wuhan, but staying at home has made my procrastination more evident. Memorizing verses about diligent work was much easier than obeying them!

  • Joshua Taylor

    For me, it has been a season of spiritual growth and it also has been time to relax myself mentally without work in the way. The biggest thing has been realizing how much more I was relying on others rather than relying on God, it took somewhat intentional time away from people for me to realize that. My prayer has been greatly improved and that has allowed me to accept some things that I needed to accept. Christian music once again became a prominent part of my life as was able to actually listen to it and understand the message of the songs.

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