WedgKids Weekend Update

Hey People that I haven’t seen in a while,

I hope and pray that you are safe, healthy, and happy!

This Sunday we will be studying from Matthew 7:7-11 about prayer.
Have you ever asked God for a fish and He gave you a serpent instead?
Of course not, because God gives good things to those who ask him!

I am wondering if your family has memorized any scriptures during the Shelter-at-Home?
This week would be a perfect week to memorize Matthew 7:11 and explain the meaning of the verse.
Here is a link to a good explanation of the verse!

Here is a link to Preschool Resources and Here’s a link to a video from Julie Brittain and her son Hudson about a way to pray at home with your preschooler.

A great online article on praying with kids.

Upcoming Events News….

  • CentriKid Camp is still on the calendar at this moment. We will not be accepting any more registrations at this time. If you have any questions about camp, contact me.
  • 4 Great Dates 4 Mom & Daughter – Tonight is the last date of the 4. This event is for 4th – 6th grade girls and their moms. If you have not received info about this, contact me.
  • Sports & Fine Arts Camp 2020 – It has changed versions several times. It was going to be an event like the last couple of years but then the Worship Center renovation altered that plan. We then decided to offer a REC camp in the gym that would have been very different than Sports & Fine Arts Camp, but we feel Covid-19 has altered that plan. Here’s what we are definitely offering Sports & Fine Arts Camp 2020 – Home Edition. We will be supplying online “premiering” videos for the Fun Worship time, engaging Bible teaching, entertaining games, and countdown timers. There will be a Zoom small group time for Kindergarten – 6th grade. Lastly each day will have a “Physical Challenge” for the sports portion and a “Chefs Challenge” for the fine arts portion of the camp. Our plan is that Preschool – 6th grade will be able to engage in each activity of the day. Registration will be open this Monday, April, 27, 2020.
  • WedgKids Zoom Connection – Every Tuesday for 1st-3rd graders at 4 p.m. & 4th-6th graders at 7 p.m.
    Thursdays at 4 p.m. for Preschool Ministry. We would love for everyone to join us. Text Casey or Julie if you need the Zoom ID.


Casey Williams & Julie Ross
Children’s Ministry Team

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