WedgKids Weekend Resource

Hey parents and leaders,

I hope you are finding your way this week with all the different changes that are going on in our nation, state, and city. God is on His throne. Jesus is still Lord. Have your confessed that out loud today?

This week we will be learning about WORRY! Who doesn’t worry at times or get anxious? Kids tend to follow our example when it comes to worrying. Patrick and I will be releasing a video on Friday that helps you think about some things you can do with your family when it comes to worry. Here are also some activities and resources to help your family discuss worry or anxiety.



Some other helpful ideas to control worry or anxiety:
Square Breathing = draw a square on your leg and with each line that is drawn, breathe a deep breath and release it
Name your worry and call it by name when it speaks into your mind & heart: For example, call it Coco Worry Monster and every time it tells you to be anxious about something, Call Coco Worry Monster out!
Don’t let endless questions continue for an extended period of time when a child is anxious about something. Help them understand what needs to be understood and then teach them to trust in God’s provision like the lilies of the field as God’s Word teaches us about.

Let Casey or Julie know if you want more resources for helping you or your child to control anxious thoughts. It affects many of us in this world.


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