Leaders Note for 12-8


This Sunday is on Christ’s birth. For 1st – 4th, I have the supplies it mentions in the lesson ready for you in your room with the exception of dress up clothes. If you would like some dress up clothes, I can have some ready if you will let me know in advance.
This Sunday’s snack is animal crackers. 5th & 6th Leaders – Let me know if you need anything but I’m never sure which resources each of you prefers.

This Sunday’s announcements are as follows:

Angel Tree-All of the names have been taken from the Angel Tree. Make sure you have your gifts by December 11. If you have a name, you are also invited to the party at Wedgewood Nursing Home on Saturday December 14 at 2:00 p.m.

Surviving the Holidays-GriefShare’s last session of Surviving the Holidays will be held December 16. For more info look in this week’s Lifeline

Why Wedgwood Class will be offered today in the Pastor Connect room located across the worship Center.

also, a side announcement from Casey – The Worshipology team of children will be singing with the Adult Choir at the beginning of the worship. Don’t miss it! Hark the Herald Medley composed by Lisa Polley.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on Sunday!

Casey Williams

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