Leaders Note for Nov 17

Hello Leaders,

I hope you have been having a good week. We are moving on from the Moses and Joshua. This week is about King David and his dancing, but importantly it’s about how God inspires worship. So I ask you to think about, How does God’s presence inspire you to worship personally?

For this week’s supplies, I have a bluetooth speaker in your room that you can connect your phone to if you will so that it’s easier to play the upbeat music that the lesson calls for several times throughout the lesson. I will also have the supplies that it mentions in the lessons for 1st – 4th. 5th & 6th girls leaders, if you would like me to provide anything for you, let me know by Friday at noon.

I wanted to show you this communication that I sent out to parents today

Here is a link to the online curriculum page

Announcements for this Sunday:

Operation Christmas Child – Boxes Due today

Upward Coaches Needed – please sign up with Patrick Lively or on our website

Why Wedgwood – This is a weekly class that seeks to connect visitors to a Missional Community

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