Leaders Note 11-10

Hello Leaders,

This Sunday is our Remember & Celebrate week. We did skip Lesson 12 in this series of 13 lessons. One new thing I would love for you to begin incorporating is Books of the Bible memorization. I will have a new poster in every room by this Sunday that you can use to teach the books of the Bible. One idea is to have a bible drill time at the end of class when you are waiting on parents to pickup. Another idea is have kids learn the order of a section at a time. I believe it is important for Christians to know the books of the Bible so that they can find them in their Bible when asked to turn there. It also teaches about the history of the Bible. Why are certain books grouped together? There is a reason why. Let me know if you have any feedback.

This week I have the supplies that it mentions for each grade ready for each grade. I also made the Festival Banner if you would hang it up in your room somewhere.

Here are the announcements for this week:

Singing Women of Texas is tonight and there will be love offering taken up for them
Operation Christmas Child – Boxes are due back by Nov 17. WedgKids are doing a packing party this Wednesday night
Surviving the Holidays – 1st one is Nov 17 4pm in 110C
Upward Signup & Evaluations – Going on NOW. If you would like to help as a coach or signup your child, go to wedgwoodbc.org/upward
Why Wedgwood class – This morning during Missional Community

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