WedgKids Sunday Morning Leaders

Hello 2nd & 4th week WedgKids Leaders,

Here are a few reminders for this Sunday:

  • Please leave the service as soon as the response time ends so that you have plenty of time to arrive before kids to your room.
  • It would be great if each of you stopped by your room before the service begins so that you can get everything prepared and we you arrive you are ready to begin the “Connect” without delay.
  • This week I would like for you to hand out SOAP booklets to the parents as they pick up their child. If 5th & 6th graders could be handed one at the end of class, that would be great. These SOAP booklets have family devotions in them for the home as well as the empty SOAP pages for kids to SOAP at home.
  • If you like using the SOAP booklets in class and need new ones, let me know and I’ll have new booklets waiting for you.
  • I will have all the supplies in a tote ready for the 1st – 4th grades. 5th & 6th leaders, if you want something specific, please let me know by Saturday.

The Announcements this week:

  1. Heart of a Worshiper-Mike Harland, President of Lifeway worship will be here next Sunday. He will speak briefly in the service, but also after the worship team’s luncheon, he will be speaking and doing a question and answer time beginning at 1:15. All are invited to his time of speaking and answering questions.
  2. Church Family Meeting-We will have our quarterly Church Family Meeting October 27th @ 5 p.m. in the gym
  3. Fall Festival-We will have our Fall Festival throughout the building on October 31st, begins at 6:30. Sign up to volunteer in your Missional Community.
  4. Why Wedgwood? If you are new here or are visiting and you don’t have a Missional Community that you are connected with, we will have a time just for you right outside the back doors in the Pastor Connect room.

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