Have you ever been thirsty? Living in Texas in the summer will give you a better understanding of what it means to truly be thirsty. Whether it be attempting a morning run, working in the yard, or practicing a sport outside, you will soon find yourself incredibly thirsty. In moments like this, nothing will satisfy like a nice cold glass of water.

In John 4 we are introduced to a woman who has come to a well to get water in the middle of the day. Jesus meets this woman and begins a conversation with her. He introduces her to a type of water that would completely satisfy her thirst. But Jesus was not speaking of physical water. What He was offering her was not designed to meet her physical thirst. Instead, He was wanting to provide her with something that would satisfy the thirst and longing of her soul.

In Jeremiah 2 God tells the people of Israel that they have committed two sins. They have forsaken God, the fountain of lifegiving water, and they have instead dug for themselves, broken and muddy cisterns that cannot hold water.

The people of Israel in Jeremiah 2 and the Samaritan woman of John 4 are examples of us today. Like them we too are tempted to try and satisfy the thirst of our souls with other things. We try to quench our thirst with material possessions or social status. We seek to entertain ourselves to death with an endless stream of social media, movies, or music. But it is never enough. Nothing the world has to offer can quench the thirst of our soul. Only God can.

And so, John 4 is a reminder to us to seek God for the life-giving water our soul needs. We have to turn from things that will not quench our thirst and immerse ourselves in His Word, seeking Him in prayer, worshipping with other believers in genuine community.

As we do this, we will find that our souls become saturated to the point of overflowing. What is inside of us naturally begins to come out and flow into the lives of the people around us. Just like the Samaritan woman this joyful overflow leads other people to the source of refreshment that can only be found in God.

So, are you satisfying your thirst with the only thing that can truly satisfy you? Is it flowing out into the lives of others? If not, take time today to prayerfully ask God to give you a desire and a longing for Him. And then seek Him through His Word and prayer.

As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God,

for the living God.

Psalm 42:1–2


Pastor Dale



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