Perspective is very important in life. If your perspective is off it can lead you down a path of incorrect conclusions. A popular meme conveys the idea of differing perspectives. Two individuals are staring at a number. Each person is on the top/bottom of the number. From the perspective of one person, this looks like the number 6. To the other person, it looks like the number 9. Each person is right depending on his perspective.

It is important for us to possess the correct perspective in life. We find this correct perspective within Scripture. In Psalm 73 we see a demonstration of the importance of the right perspective on life. The author admits that he is struggling with bitterness and anger. He knows that God is good and promises to bless those who are devoted to Him. However, this is not the experience of the psalmist. The wicked are prospering. They are well-fed, wealthy, healthy, and never seem to incur any bad consequences for their actions. The psalmist wonders if he has lived a life of devotion to God in vain.

But then the psalmist has his perspective changed. He goes to church and gets himself underneath the truthfulness of God’s Word. He realizes that the wicked may prosper for a moment in this life, but God will have the final say. They will be held accountable in the end. The author also realizes how arrogant and stupid he was to have questioned and doubted God through all of this. But then he remembers that God has been lovingly walking and guiding him even during his moments of doubt and anger. God has never abandoned him.

And so, the psalmist declares that there is no one in heaven or earth that he desires above God. He does not need to be envious of the material possessions of the wicked because he has that which can truly satisfy, God Himself.

The psalmist acknowledges that there will come a day when the doubts creep back into his thoughts. His flesh and heart will fail again at some point. But God will be the one to once again strengthen and sustain him.

This beautiful psalm reminds us of the importance of placing ourselves underneath the authority of God’s Word. We must continually have our perspectives renewed because our strength and emotions are so fragile. We must expose ourselves to Scripture on a daily basis. We must follow the advice of Martin Lloyd Jones and preach to ourselves God’s Word. And then continually place ourselves in the fellowship of other believers in worship and Missional Communities in order to encourage and strengthen our faith.

How is your perspective today? Make time today to align how you may feel with what is true in God’s Word.


Pastor Dale

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