Life can be so busy, so noisy. Our calendars can be full of meetings and errands. Our task lists seem to overflow with items we can never seem to complete. And then, there is that wonderful device that accompanies us wherever we go, begging for our attention, our cell phone. With the frantic pace of life the thought of slowing down sounds great, but unrealistic.

However, that is exactly what Psalm 46 calls us to do. In verse 10 we are called to be still. Our bodies and our minds are not meant for constant motion. We are wired to need rest. Our souls demand time to unplug and recharge.

But the call in Psalm 46 is not just a call to stop all physical and mental activity. Nor is it permission to simply sit in front of a TV all day binge watching a series on Netflix. It is a command to be still and turn our attention to God.

In Psalm 46 the author describes for us the nature and character of God. He reminds us that God is our refuge and fortress. We can hide inside of Him for protection, comfort, and peace. He is also our strength and the Lord of Hosts. God is there to fight for us as a military commander and work on our behalf to do things we cannot do on our own. And we also see that this God who is able to protect, provide, and work on our behalf is ready and willing to help. He is like a lifeguard standing vigilant, waiting to respond to the needs of His children. He is not frustrated by our many requests. He loves to meet our needs.

And so we are called to be still at moments and remember that God is God. He is in control. He is with us even when all of life seems to be falling apart. He will not abandon us or forsake us. Even when the trials come, we can know that He is working all things for our good.

And as we still our minds and focus on Him we are reminded of God’s ultimate purpose. He will be exalted. God’s chief purpose is to bring glory to His name and advance His kingdom. And as we quiet our hearts and minds, we are reminded that we too are called to live for the glory of God. Our goal in life is to follow the purpose and mission that He has prepared for us. And as we do this, we find peace in obediently following His plan for our lives. The plan that is always for our good and His glory.

Will you take time today to be still? It won’t be easy. You may have to give up something to do it. You may have to rearrange your schedule. You may have to go to bed a littler later or get up a little earlier. But I promise, it will be worth it.

Pastor Dale

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