Don’t Give Up

I love Amazon Prime. The convenience of going online, selecting an item, and knowing it will arrive at my doorstep within two short days is a wonderful thing! This experience is representative of many other aspects of our society in the United States. We live in a world in which the answer to almost any question is just a few keystrokes away. We can have things created and delivered seemingly instantly. No longer do we have to make the long, arduous trek to the movie store. All of our entertainment is on demand.

Very little in our society seems to make us wait. Which is why we may find ourselves frustrated in areas such as our spiritual growth. In Galatians 6 Paul reminds us that if we sow to the Spirit, we will reap the benefits of such a wise investment. And then he encourages us to not grow weary in doing good. He promises that we will reap a wonderful harvest if we do not give up.

This is a wise and pastoral encouragement from the apostle. Paul understands that spiritual growth and bearing spiritual fruit does not happen overnight. We may labor for months or even years, sowing good seed, and waiting for it to bear fruit before ever seeing anything happen. The process of waiting for God to work, waiting for our prayers to visibly make a difference, waiting for our service to bear fruit is difficult. This process can wear down the soul.

And then add trials and suffering to the equation. Those who are faithfully serve and following God seem to suffer. But those who are far from God mock His existence and seem to prosper.

Galatians 6:9 shouts to those who are worn out and weary to keep fighting, persevere, keep moving forward. God promises us it will be worth it. We are called to keep seeking after God; studying His Word, seeking Him in prayer, walking with other believers in service and community, living a life of generosity, and being salt and light to the people around us. In all of this we trust that one day we will reap the benefit of persevering obedience. Either in earth or in heaven we will see it was worth it.

And so, Galatians 6 reminds me that my spiritual growth and following God has more in common with my retirement account than Amazon Prime. As I contribute a percentage of my income each month I can slowly watch that retirement number grow. It will not happen overnight. But a steady, persevering commitment to save will one day be worth it. The same is true with my spiritual life. Long term, steady obedience will yield an incredible retirement account!

Pastor Dale

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