What To Do With Anxieties

Anxieties. We all have them. Those things in life that make us afraid, worried, or concerned. I remember when I was a child there was one thing in particular that made me incredibly anxious. Any time I had to go to the doctor I would always ask if I would have to get a shot. The thought of that cold steel going into my posterior would send me into a panic.

Although I have outgrown my fear of needles, I have not outgrown my propensity to worry. My worries grew up with me. Now I have learned to be anxious about more “adult” things such as my children, finances, the future, retirement, etc. Not to mention the other concerns that flood into our lives without any warning. Those unexpected events that knock the wind out of us leaving us feeling confused and hurting.

Given our human nature to struggle with worry, it is no surprise that Scripture repeatedly addresses this topic. One such passage is found in 1 Peter 5. In verse 7 Peter calls us to literally throw our anxieties onto God. We are called to get rid of those things that send us into a panic. And we are called to remove them with the intensity of throwing a live grenade as far away as possible. Worries are not meant to be coddled or taken lightly. They are meant to be cast upon God.

And He is big enough to handle them. Earlier in the chapter, Peter reminds us that God is sovereign and strong to save us. He is an all-powerful God who can handle our biggest concerns. And, He cares for us. He is not a distant deity but a loving Father who will always do what is best for His children.

So, what concerns or anxieties do you have? Take time today to prayerfully give them to God. Ask Him to take control. Turn your focus and attention off of the cares and only your sovereign Father who loves you perfectly. Immerse yourself in God’s Word with the promises He gives to fight against the anxieties that would seek to dominate your thoughts.

Pastor Dale

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