Graduating Seniors

May 13 2019

This week we are celebrating the graduating seniors from high school in the service. Jay and Jordan will have the service this coming Sunday. I am asking that this week you spend some time in prayer for those that are graduating, and moving to the next stage of their life. As we talked about last week in this blog, that they will have the wisdom from above that fills their minds and hearts; that leads them to right decisions. They are hearing voices from all four directions, and every inch in-between on what and who they are supposed to be. Well-meaning people are filling their minds with ideas. The hardest thing they have to do is not to decide their future, but to hear and discern the voice of God and follow after that voice. That is hard when they are being bombarded with so many ideas. I suggest we do two things that can truly make a difference for them. First, pray the above. Pray that they will hear God’s voice above all the rest. Secondly, let them know that you are there for them. You might need to be just a listening ear and not give a bit of advice. That is hard for most of us. That might be all they need.

And that is all I need to say this week. I love you, and am thankful that you support me by reading these blogs. Like always, my intent is to bless you with things to think about that will grow us all to a deeper love relationship with Jesus Himself. He is worth it all.

I love you,


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