Habitual Listener

May 6 2019

Privilege! We are so privileged. Since you are reading this, you are most likely a Christian. We are chosen. John 15 tells us that we did not choose Him, but He chose us, and ordained us…. 1 Peter 2 tells us that we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession…. That is incredible.

So do we honor that privilege? You know that I am big on honoring and being loyal to each other. A friend of mine just went through a situation where reality hit him. He thought that a “friend” of his would honor their friendship more than just making money. He thought their “friendship” would trump everything. He has the creds for the job. He has worked the job in the past, and yet a less experienced, but younger person applied, and got the position. It was a hard lesson to learn that unfortunately that is the way life works. People hardly ever trump profit. But what about our King of kings and Lord of lords? Do we take for granted in honoring Him?

God has asked of us certain things as His. This blog would be very long if I started listing them. The world, and well many Christians for that matter, have made fun of the little WWJD that was popular so many years ago. But think about it. If we ask that simple question when making decisions, our decisions would take us to the Word. The Word and the Holy Spirit, who promises to lead us into ALL truth, would fill us with answers. I have to admit that I have made a ton of wrong decisions in my life simply because I didn’t stop to ask that simple question.

What about commitments? Do we do what Scripture says to do? Do we honor our commitments? What do we do with people? Do we honor them? What do we do with money? Ouch…now Phil!!!!

Bottom line!!!! God is not only calling me, but is calling us as His chosen people to move a level deeper with simply honoring Him. We all want to make the right choices…the right decisions.

John 8:32 has been misquoted probably more often than any other verse. We tend to take the last line of the verse and miss 31 and the rest of 32. In context, this doesn’t say the truth will make you free. In context it says, “if you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” The abiding is the key, not the freedom. We have to immerse ourselves in His words, and then those decisions will fall into place. It is actually very simple. The more we know the Author of faith, the more we understand His voice, thus the more we make the right decisions.

Every time I sit down to do the next order of worship, I have to start first with Scripture. Only then can I pick the right songs, the right order, the right color and background on the screens, the right lighting, the right praise team, with choir, or without choir, fellowship time, prayer time, Scripture reading other than the sermon….all of those can be missed just as easy if I don’t pay attention. We must be a habitual listener to His voice.

In context with what I have written above, I believe this week looks like this. We are beginning with our new children’s ministry choir. It is called Worshipology. These children are not learning performance. Under the direction and leadership of Lisa Polley and those assisting her, these children are learning how to lead worship. That is exciting. We are going back many years then as a congregation to a song written by Bill and Gloria Gaither, “Because He Lives” right into a newer song titled “Awake My Soul’ into a newer song that has become one of my favorites “Awake My Soul (a 1000 Tongues).” We continue with worship by singing Tomlin’s rendition of “God, You’re So Good.” We are to humble ourselves before the mighty hand of God. For offertory, Jenna Counts and the praise team will sing “Here I Bow.” We will use Redman’s song “Mercy” for the response time.

I hope that you, the ones that read this blog will always be encouraged to go deeper with Him.

Love you,


  • Betty Nance

    Thank you Phil. I am encouraged to learn of the new children’s choir
    Worshipology. Yes, there is so much more to the music ministry than when
    we were younger and the worship leader chose the music to go along with the message and did not have the High Tech images to reinforce the impact and importance of a worship experience. The choir, music, leaders takes the congregation by the hand and leads us into the throne room. Special effects can make or break that image. Looking forward to new effective worship experiences. Bring ’em on. Have a great day.

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