As a kid and even as an adult Superman was and is my favorite comic book superhero. One of the things I find fascinating about the character is how his raw power and strength is hiding in plain sight. Each day Clark Kent walks among other people who have no idea of his incredible power and abilities. And Superman must always be mindful of his strength so as to not accidentally rip a door off of its hinges or send a person to the hospital when simply patting them on the back. But every now and then the comic writers allow us to see his power on display when fighting a powerful villain. Superman shows the reader what he can really do, and we are reminded again of his true nature.

In Mark 9 Jesus gives us a glimpse into His divine nature and true power as well. To this point Jesus has done some miraculous things. He has walked on water, healed the sick, and fed thousands with a boy’s lunch. But in this passage Jesus demonstrates even more fully His true nature and authority. Jesus takes just a few of the disciples with Him high onto a mountaintop. Once the group arrives Jesus is transfigured into radiant glory. He is soon joined by Moses and Elijah. This scene culminates with a cloud descending upon the mountain and a booming declaration from God the Father stating that Jesus is His beloved Son. As a result He calls the disciples to listen to Him.

This incredible scene gives us a powerful reminder of the nature and identity of Jesus. Yes, He is the One who is compassionate, merciful, caring, and gracious. But let us not forget this same Jesus is none other than the Son of God. He is the Sovereign King of the Universe. Paul reminds us in Colossians 1 that all things have been created by Him and for Him and He holds everything together.

As a result we must remember that Jesus is someone who commands our allegiance and our life. Because He is God, His commands matter. We cannot simply dismiss His call to follow Him. He demands our attention and our obedience.

And the great news that we see from Scripture is that following Jesus is worth it. Yes, it will be difficult and involve hardship and even suffering. But it is worth it. God promises to make all things work together for our good to His glory.

And so, as you go throughout this week take time to listen to Jesus by spending time reading and studying Scripture. And then prayerfully ask for the grace and power to obey the commands of your Savior and King.

Pastor Dale

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