April 29 2019

I was watching an episode of Chicago Med a few weeks ago. The board of the hospital was meeting and they were talking about finances. They were talking about where they were making money and where they were losing it. This one man on the board is very rich, and has given a ton of money to the hospital. Why? Because he has the means to do that. Others that are that board do not. I started thinking about AWAKEN. We are not a business, and I don’t want to indicate that in any way. Yet, there are those that have more financial means than others, and then others that don’t. Neither are more important to God or the church, but the same passages in Scripture apply equally about what we are to do about finances.

There is another medical series where a group of doctors were awarded millions of dollars each. They pooled it and bought the hospital because it was about to close. And yet, this gave them no better status as far as their part of being a doctor. What is the Scripture lesson here? The church is not a business, but that is how invested we are to be in the Bride of Christ. They gave up millions to save others.

I was talking to a friend in Nashville. Her church had just about $100,000 left on a loan. That loan was strapping them from even calling a full time pastor. The interim pastor mentioned it in the morning service in a positive way…that they “just owed” around $100,000. That afternoon, a man walked in the office, and paid all of it!!!! Yep, paid all of it. Why in the world would someone do that? Because God told Him to do, and he was obedient with his follow-through.

Why do I tell you this? Two reasons! First, the best part is to remind us that God is still doing miracles. Many times, He is doing those miracles through those that are listening to His voice. That man could have said, I want a new…. (fill in the blank). He didn’t! Instead, he saw the need. God spoke and said “act.” He followed through. The second reason is to ask us all a question. What is God asking us to do? Is He asking us to sacrifice our new…(fill in the blank) because He wants us to do something extraordinary?

In our flesh much of the time, we cannot see what God is calling us to do. Only when the Spirit of God says do it no matter what, and we are obedient to follow-through do we see His miracles take place. Playing it safe and risk free might be God’s answer to us, and yet, that is not what happened most of the time in Scripture.

So? What is God calling us individually to do? Who is God telling us to bless big time, and maybe insanely (in a world view), and maybe even to a detriment to ourselves? What is God calling us to do collectively? Of course I have talked financially, but there might be other ways that God is calling us both individually and collectively to bless others also. It is hard to look past ourselves and our family to see what God is calling us to do. Ecclesiastes 11:1 says: “Cast your bread upon the water and after many days it will come back to you.” What bread is He asking us to cast?

This week, we will talking more about AWAKEN. The choir will begin with a song that we sang in December titled “At the Cross.” We are going back several years in songwriting in congregational songs. “What A Beautiful Name” and “Agnus Dei” (pronounced ah-noose). I pray that this week will be a wonderful time of worship for each of you.

Before I close, I wanted to tell you that we will be moving a few things around on the website soon. One of those are Dale’s and my blog. I will let you know how to get to them if you access this blog straight from the website instead of Facebook.

Okay, love you!


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