What God Values

April 22 2019

There are certain things that each of us value that are more valuable to us maybe than someone else. Some of you know about Gary Chapman’s “5 Love Languages.” For instance, one of the main ways people can communicate value to me is for us to spend “quality time” together. Another way someone might communicate to a person is “Acts of Kindness.” Although this is not one of mine, a person that truly enjoys little kind gestures would value those more than I would. We all have certain things, but then….yes but then, there are things that, especially as a Christian, that we should all value. Those things being what God values.

This blog is longer than usual, but would be very long if I could possibly list all the particular things that God values. Here are a few.

One value of God is people themselves. We talked a little bit about this last week. Most businesses don’t value people anymore. It is just how they can get the most return financially on their offered product. God does not look at that. We obviously will never be able to pay for all that He has done, is doing, and will do in our lives. You have heard me quote this verse often. Isaiah 43:4 says that we “precious” in His sight. We are so precious (valuable) as His people, that He will give others in place of us. Obviously John 3:16 says that we are valuable enough that God gave Jesus as a sacrifice for us.

As we look on in Scripture, we see that God values obedience. I call it follow-through. Most of us are aware of the verse in 1 Samuel 15:22 that says that God desires obedience more than sacrifice. Some would quote this verse and say that God does not desire a sacrificial life. I would disagree, even to the point that in many cases, obedience is only accomplished by a sacrificial life. God values obedience.

In a world that is full of contracts instead that just my word is my bond, He still values our word. Matthew 5:37 says to “let our yes be yes, and our no be no. Anything else is evil.” Scripture over and over calls us to make a decision. James tells us to not expect to receive from the Lord if we are tossed by every wind of doctrine. Even in Revelation 3:16 it indicates that we make God nauseous when we are lukewarm, not being hot or cold. He values making a decision and sticking to it.

God values His bride. The church is NOT a place to come and just see your good buddies. That is a wonderful part of it, but it is a place to gather together to worship Him. It is a group of people He longs to use to touch this world. Most importantly, it is family. That alone can help us find out what truly is God’s values. In my opinion, regular church attendance is never an option. We live in a day that we attend if we feel like it. Obedience? Yep!

Like I said, I could spend hours of yours and my time talking about all the important valuable things there are to God. Let me finish with this one. I have to warn you….this one is personal. He calls us to value others more important than ourselves. Romans 12:10 says to give preference to one another. Philippians 2 says to consider others more important than ourselves. Check your phone…I know this seems to apply to some more than others, but whose pictures are on there the most? If your phone is filled with pics of you and the places that interest you more than people you value and love….well just think about it. It could be an indication of who you value the most. When you get that bonus or have a little extra, who or what comes to your mind to spend that on? It might be an indication. Now I am not saying that God didn’t give you that to spend on something you have been praying for? But maybe He is calling us to sacrifice our want or even need for someone else.

Think through more things that God values. It will change our thinking when we value what He does above what might be “cool” to us.

This week in the service the choir is singing a new song called “Cause You are Here” written by Don Koch. We are singing one of our new favorites, “I Know Who I Am” by Israel Houghton. We continue with Reese Springer’s song “You are My Freedom,” Elevation Worship “Holy Ground” and “Holy, Holy, Holy.” The offertory song is written by Matt Redman titled “One Day (When We All Get to Heaven).” I really suggest you spend some time with this song this week. There are so many important lyrics that you do not want to miss. We will use the Tomlin song “Jesus Loves Me” for the response time.


Love you! Okay, see you Sunday,



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