Value One Another

April 15 2019

Ah, it is tax day, and even more importantly, it is the week before Easter. Easter bunnies? Yeah…wait Jesus was resurrected!!!! Talk about value!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is risen. He is risen indeed!

Before I get into talking more about value, I want to talk about this upcoming Sunday. First, have you got your “ONE” that you are bringing to at least one of the parts of the weekend? Have you signed up for the prayer vigil? I am begging you to be proactive about this Easter…don’t just show up! This is a perfect opportunity to change the course of someone’s life. Here is the hard question. Do we value someone enough to go out of our way to make sure they are connected to the opportunity that could change their life this coming weekend?

The choir and Ruthie Wilson begin with a brand new song that was just released a few weeks ago titled “It Is Finished.” Don’t be late. Be in your seat before 10:30. You don’t want to miss this song as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. We sing the traditional song, that if you have been a part of church even for a few years, have heard and sung, “Christ Arose.” We will continue in our worship with the song we learned last week, and has been playing on the radio non-stop, “Behold the Lamb (Victory).” One of our favorites that we have been singing this year is “Living Hope” and the chorus of “Jesus Paid it All.” Tina Braswell and the Praise team will lift us to a closer intimacy with Jesus through the Elevation Worship song “Mighty Cross.” We will sing “Great are You Lord” for our response time and go out singing “Glorious Day.” You don’t want to miss this Sunday. Great expectations!

So let’s talk more about value. Last month I had to walk away from three major companies that I have been doing business with for over fifteen years. Why? Glad you asked. First and foremost, I believe that they are practicing unethical business practices. That is the main reason, but a second reason is that I realize they do not value me as a customer. They value their policies. They value making sure that when money is involved that they will be glad to take yours, and when they are wrong in their practice, they will not make it right. Over the past few years I have been told by more than one company and other situations that I am only valuable to a point. I understand that no one, except Jesus Himself, is irreplaceable. And yet, I struggle, based on Scripture, and how it specifically tells us to treat one another, that we can do anything less than live a life of honoring one another…especially if we were the one that was wrong.

I find it hard, even from a lost world, that the customer is no longer valued by most companies. Now let me be clear. I am not saying that everything has to be our way all the time, and if it is not, we leave. We all know people that disagree with someone or something, and instead of scripturally working it out, they bail. That is just as wrong too. That just downright makes me sad.

In the last several weeks, there really is only one point that I am trying to make. God values us so much. If we are going to walk in the way He has called us to walk, we can do nothing less than to value who and what He values. I end with this. “Love one another, for love is from God, and everyone that loves, loves God, and those that don’t, do not love God.”

We will end next week with a list of things that we are called to value from Scripture.

Love you,


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