People are Valuable

April 8 2019

Last week we talked about God’s value for us. There is nothing that can top that. I love the account in Scripture between Ruth and Naomi. Where you go, I’ll go. Your God will be my God. It reminds me that what we are to value is what God values. God values people. Obviously there are things we, even as redeemed people, do that doesn’t represent valued qualities, and yet, He values us. Therefore, we are to value each other. In Romans 12 we are told to honor one another. In Philippians we are to think more highly of others than we think of ourselves. Simply put, our job as redeemed people are to always value people.

Nothing ever teaches you more how to do something than to go through the opposite yourself. Through the years I have had some pretty bad bosses over me in the jobs I have held. They seemed to be about their own agenda of promoting themselves more than growing the employees under them. I have failed at that myself at times also. What I have discovered through not being valued by an employer was that it made it really hard to stay in the right attitude toward the employer and be willing to sacrifice for the company.  In my own failings as a boss, I realized I have missed opportunities to encourage and build up someone, and I caused their attitude and giving back to be hindered. But wait…aren’t we supposed to be above that as a Christian? Maybe! But in reality, the golden rule we all know of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us needs to apply. We all want to feel like we are making a difference. When we are not feeling valued, then it just makes it much harder to stay focused like we talked about last week with Isaiah 26:3.

Talk a moment or longer to think about how you value people around you. Do we value them because they are God’s creation and every single person has something to offer if we will listen, or do we only value them if they can do something for us? Our agenda? Fit in with our peeps? That is hard to discern at times, and yet, we are called to always, yes always, value one another. In a world (and I am going to talk about this next week) that seems to only value us for what we can give to them, we the redeemed, are called to a much higher set of standards toward each other. Think about it.

This week, the week before Easter, I hope you have found your “ONE” that you are inviting and making sure they are connected to Wedgwood next week. Good Friday at Heart of the Ranch, the Easter Egg Hunt, and the Sunday morning Easter service.

This week, the choir starts out with a beautiful A Cappella arrangement of “I Am Thine O Lord.” We will sing “God is Able,” “No Longer Slaves,” and a brand new song that just was released through Passion titled “Behold the Lamb (Victory).” This song, especially, I am asking you to learn. We are singing it two weeks in a row. This is a very important song for Easter morning. So let me be blunt…go download it and be ready this Sunday to blast it to the heavens and be a leader of the song on Easter morning. We will also sing the Brewster song “Surrender.” I can hardly wait for Sunday. It is going to be a wonderful day of worship.

Okay, see you Sunday.

Love you,


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