Our Value is from God

April 1 2019

This is a day that we have come to know as April fool’s day. I am sure there will be a thousand jokes today. What I want to talk on for the next few weeks is to do with “value.” I want to start out with our own value.

We all know that our worth is not found in things of this world, people of this world, or any status we might gain. And yet! When people say things, do things, or cause things to happen to us because of their actions toward us, it can be a fight to keep our focus on the One that never ceases to value us. One of my favorite lines I say is “we can get real spiritual,” and quote James 1 that we “count it all joy when we suffer various trials, knowing the testing of our faith produces endurance.” In my weakness, in my flesh, I know I want to be valued by people. That doesn’t change the fact that we are always valued by God Himself. His belief, His encouragement, His trust in us as His saved child, is the greatest value we could ever be given.

Isaiah 43:4 says that we are precious in His sight. His view of us is that we are precious. That tops it all. Turn back a few pages to Isaiah 26:3, and it reminds us that we can have perfect peace. If we are driven by perfect peace, though others indicate in some way that we are not valuable, we can be encouraged continually that we are truly valuable.

This is not an ego boost, or a place to get haughty, puffed-up, or prideful, but rather become more assured that God Himself values every moment with us.

Next week I want to talk about what our reaction for and to others needs to be because of how much God values us.

On April 7, we are going to worship with the songs “There is Power,” “Nothing But the Blood” by Matt Redman, “Jesus Paid it All,” and a song by Tim Shepherd titled “We Bow Low.” We will sing the song “Come as You Are” for the response time. I hope you have time to listen and study the words of these songs.

Love you,


  • Brenda Edmonson

    Phil, the music yesterday in church was awesome! I felt the presence of the Lord so strong. You do an amazing job selecting the perfect songs to bring us to the throne of God. God bless you!

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