The Surrendered Life

March 25 2019

Much of what we have been discussing in these blogs, and much of what we discuss at Wedgwood is how to live a more surrendered life to the Lord. This is my forth part of the vision of 2019. A former pastor of mine used to say quite often that the things we know to be the most important in our walk as a Christian are the things we seem to do the least of. We all know that we are to surrender our life daily to the Lord, to be a living sacrifice, to walk in a way that we are tuned into God’s voice of guidance. That means that there is nothing, absolutely nothing more important than spending time with Him every day listening to His directions. I find sometimes I expect God to direct me, but I don’t give Him the time to do it. This year, as I leave the thoughts of the former things behind, and remember daily that God is doing a new thing, I (and I hope that is a “we”) need to strive to make every day a day of listening to the voice of God in the posture of a surrendered life.

In Romans 7, Paul points out that the he finds the very things he does not want to do, he does, and the things he wants to do, he does not. The disciples were trying to cast out demons, and couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t. Jesus told them things of this kind can only happen through fasting and prayer.

So let me shift over to personal questions. What are we expecting from God? Are we expecting Him to just do these things without truly living a sacrificial life ourselves? What is it in our lives that truly cannot be overcome until we are willing to spend time fasting and praying? What do we need to fast? Is it just about going without food for a certain amount of time? Let me go ahead and answer that now…No! There are many things that tend to get our attention. I was really challenged by this statement. Our bibles are in the car left from going to church last Sunday, but we don’t dare walk across the room without our phones at least close by. So which is more important to us? The information on our phone and all that device does, or the Word that we can’t live a surrendered life without it being in our veins? Wow! Tough, heavy thoughts.

I want to challenge us all to look for what God’s unique plan is for us to walk through this life surrendered to Him in a way that we listen to His voice.

Let me close this series of blogs by looking at the vision I stated several weeks ago for 2019. First, reread Isaiah 43:18-19, and Philippians 3:13-14. God IS doing a new thing.

  1. I promise not to be complicit in my own oppression.
  2. I promise to protect my spiritual and emotional peace at all cost.
  3. I promise not to compare my life to others.
  4. I promise to listen to the voice of God in a fully surrendered life.

Come prepared this week to hear from God. We are going to start out with “This is Amazing Grace” and “Hallelujah, Your Love is Amazing”. We will continue our worship with “O Praise the Name (Anastasis), “I Stand Amazed in the Presence,” and “At the Cross.” The choir will sing “King and Kingdoms.” We will sing together at offering time with “More Like Jesus,” and “The Stand” for invitation time.

Love you so much,


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