March 11 2019

This week we have spring break and family week. I hope you get to rest and have great times in whatever you are doing.

Continuing with our discussion, we talked about moving forward last week. As we “move forward” on this, lol, I want to talk about disappointment. I tell people all the time that Phil does not get angry or mad. For the most part, that is true. I do, however, get disappointed. Disappointment for me can change my response toward a person or situation. It can dictate to me my next step on how I respond to similar situations. Like always, I could give you a list of things that is quite long, that as I have lived my life, have led me to disappointment.

The thing about disappointment is that it can be a great tool to guide us to deeper understanding and solicit better responses in the future on a particular situation, or it can lead us to a place where disappointment will paralyze us.

Read through John 11. This is the account of the death and resurrection of Lazarus. There are two things I want you to see here. God is enough. He always has enough. He always has enough to deal with whatever we encounter. Lazarus had died. There was no two ways about it. He died. Just like Jesus died, Lazarus died. People were hurt, sad, and disappointed. And yet!!!!!!!! Jesus raised Lazarus again to life. He put breath back in his body. He once was not alive, and God Almighty’s power brought life to Him. God is enough. He always has enough to meet the situation head on.

The other thing I want to point out is that God keeps us facing forward. All over Scripture, there are verses that talk about how important it is to deal with the battles of life facing forward. God doesn’t return to something old to give us a future blessing. He pours out His blessings in the now. Look at Hebrews…a better covenant. Look at Ephesians 6 and the armor protects us as we face forward. Again, if we are going to win today, we can’t be thinking about yesterday. Unfortunately, it is so easy to build today on the disappointments of the past. Just like I talked about last week, the way to overcome is to walk through those disappointments one by one, lay them at the cross, and WALK AWAY, leaving the past behind, and pressing on. This might be the hardest thing emotionally, but it is also the most beneficial. If our desire is to be the most effective in this life of living a life worthy of our calling of Christ, we have to deal with the hard stuff too.

For me, being very emotional anyway, this is a way of life for me. I have to lay things down, let them go, or I will not be effective. For those that think it is a sign of weakness to be “in touch with your feelings,” this might be much harder to do.

I have no doubt that God is calling us as individuals and as Wedgwood to be bright lights to this dark world. To walk in emotional health is one of the keys to doing that.

This week, some are just getting back from spring break. We begin with the praise team leading us in worship through the song “Great is the Chorus.” We sing “Let the Worshippers Arise,” “Living Hope,” and “Be Thou My Vision.” After the message this week, we will partake of the Lord’s Supper.

Okay, like always, I want to end by saying how much I love you.


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