February 25 2019

Today’s subject is on accountability. Accountability can be a scary word, and yet those that live in accountability seem to have a more consistent walk with Christ. First let me explain what accountability is not. It is not a daily reporting of struggles or sins to a sponsor. It is also not something lorded over you as a watchdog watching your every move. I am not sure what that is, but that is not the accountability to which I am referring.

What true accountability consists of is Christians loving Christians, caring for each other in a way that spurs us on to walk a deeper walk with Christ. To long the church seems to operate as individuals, trying to glean for themselves spiritual truths, but missing the very thing that can help them stand. It is living the Christian live as a body of believers that are intertwined with each other in such a way that the individual parts become one.

When we dare to trust our lives to another, it changes everything. Walls crumble down and a spirit of unity takes over. When we live out Romans 12:10 of giving preference to one another, and Philippians 2 of thinking more highly of the other person than we think of ourselves, it causes us to long to be together, therefore accountability is a natural outpouring.

So here is the question. Am I? Are you? Is Wedgwood daring enough to be accountable to each other? Big step!

As we gather together, which according to Scripture is not an option, we will celebrate Upward and the exciting things that have happened this year. We will sing the song we reintroduced a few weeks ago, “I Know Who I Am.” Then we sing a favorite of ours we have not used for a while in worship, “I Am.”  We introduce a brand new song written by our 10 year old Reese Springer titled “You Are My Freedom.” We will also sing “Lord, I Need You” for the response time. I look forward to seeing you here this Sunday.


Love you,


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