Follow Me. Two simple words that are incredibly full of meaning. In this simple command found in Mark 1: 16 – 20 Jesus invites the first disciples into an in – depth relationship with Himself. He calls them to share their lives with Him, listen to His teaching, witness His miracles, and even to be trained to go and share the good news of the gospel.

But there is something that is missing from this call. The details. Where are we going? How long will we be gone? What will we be doing? Will it be hard? Will people like us? None of these details are given. Jesus instead requires them to sign over a blank check of their lives to His control. He is asking the disciples to follow Him and trust Him.

This call to follow Jesus comes to us as well. It is the essence of what it means to be a Christian. Saving faith is more than walking down front at the end of a church service and praying a prayer. It involves a commitment to follow Jesus wherever He goes. And like the disciples we grow in our intimacy with God through our continual and consistent exposure to His Word, prayer, and worshipping with other believers. We witness Him at work in our lives and in the lives of others. And, we are trained and called to go and share the good news of God’s Kingdom with the people around us. In all of this we discover the life we were created for. We are given a new and powerful purpose and life and we see the fruit that comes from following Jesus in obedience.

But, like the disciples our call to follow Jesus often lacks many details. As sons and daughters of the King we still do not know the future. Our spiritual GPS rarely, if ever, indicates our destination (although the final destination is certain). And so, our call to follow Jesus is also a call to trust Him. We do know that following Jesus will not be easy. There will be suffering. There will be times of testing. But, we also know that it will ALWAYS be worth it.

This call to follow Jesus in Mark 1 can spur us to examine our own following of Jesus. All of us can follow Jesus more closely. And so, let me encourage you to start by spending more time with Him through His Word and prayer and in community with other believers. As we do this we will find that our ability to trust Him as we follow Him will grow as well.

Pastor Dale

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