Biblical Mandate

January 21 2019

Psalm 33:3 says “sing to Him a new song.” In my experience, most will pick up on the words “new song.” I certainly see the validity in that, but I see the word “to.” Many times in our English language, the words we tend to gloss over can be some of the most important ones in a sentence. This says “sing TO, not sing about.” Now that doesn’t mean we don’t sing about Him and make statements of faith, but we are commanded by Scripture to sing “TO” Him.

Look at the list of songs we sang last week: “Who YOU say I am,” “Abide with Me.” and “Here Again” fit this criteria. They are songs sung to Him. I have an overwhelming strong belief that most of the songs that we sing in worship need to be sung to Him. Now if we look at the other songs we sang last week, we see the song “Living Hope” and “No Longer Slaves.” Those are declarations of our faith and who He is. The song we sang for the response time is an encouragement to focus on Him. It is a song of edification.

When planning a gathered worship time, it is extremely important that the biblical mandates are met even before a flow of service or can I dare say preferences of song styles. We will leave song styles for next week’s discussion.

Why do we do the songs we do? Simply put, they fit with the biblical call for worship. Why do we not do certain songs? There is a litany of reasons, but if they don’t first meet the biblical requirements, they are not to be used.

Okay next week, we will talk about style. That should be a good one. Lol!

This week, I will be gone. Chris Quick is leading the worship time along with Praise Team, band, and choir. You don’t want to miss the song the choir is singing. It is called “Amen.” No! Not the old spiritual…lol. Really wonderful song.

Okay, love you!


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