Happy New Year!

December 31 2018

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019. I pray that this will be an excellent year for you. Before we get into the first subject for the year, I want to encourage you to look back over 2018. It might have been a great year for you, or maybe it was a hard one. Look for that one nugget that was a positive moment in 2018. Celebrate it, thank God for it, and stash it away as a positive reminder.

I said last week that I wanted to do a series on why we do the music we do and why we don’t do some other music.

I want to begin by telling you what I look for in a song. People send me songs often, and before I can even think about moving on them, I analyze them. First, is the lyric biblical? Is there any part of the lyric that is not biblical or can be misinterpreted? Is it a statement of faith or is it vertical as a prayer? Is the melody sing-able? Does the message in the song promote the overall mission?

I begin with the above questions. When it passes all of the above criteria, then I take it and see how it fits with a certain subject or theme. Then the ultimate test of every single song; every single arrangement of that song; I pray and ask for leadership from the Holy Spirit. I will sit for hours listening and trying to discern the Lord over a certain group of songs.

Next week I will get into the songs that have made the cut and are ready to be sung.

This week, Aaron Wagner will be here for DNow. He and his band will be leading on Sunday also.

2019! I believe can be a great year.

Love you


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