Honor Leaders?

December 24 2018

Most people will not be looking at this blog today obviously because it is Christmas Eve. For the few that might be, I hope I see you at the Christmas Eve Service tomorrow night at 6 p.m. I hope that it will be an encouragement to you whenever you are able to read this.

I am always thinking about leadership. I think about the highest leader in the US, the president. Enough people believed that Trump was the man to lead this country that they voted him into office. Some of those same people still back him and strongly believe in his leadership. Others don’t think he is doing things the way they feel he should, and so their backing of him is wavering. Still, there are some that didn’t vote for him, but something that he has done has changed their mind, and of course there are those that can hardly wait for him to no longer be president. This seems to be true about every leader and boss.

What is our responsibility as a Christian to the leaders placed over us? Scripture constantly exhorts us, that whether we agree or disagree, would do something differently, or do it the same, to lift up, pray for, and show honor to those that have been placed over us. I have written about this statement before that is very common to us as Americans. We say “everyone has the right to their own opinion.” As a Christian, that is not true. We have the right to have the biblical opinion. If our opinion goes against Scripture, then we absolutely do not have a right to that.

So here is the simple question. How do we honor our leaders? In a world that dictates to us to trust no one, and unfortunately we see leaders of all areas falter, will we go beyond our feelings and personal opinions to love those in charge? Unity will always be hindered if our approach is to mistrust each other.

This Sunday I will be leading the service totally. I will be leading us in worship and speaking out of Psalm 91. This question and many others can be answered only by dwelling in the Secret Place. The songs we are singing are “Majestic,” “In the Secret,” “I Want to Know You,” “Jesus I Come,” and “Majesty, Here I Am.” I will be singing a song for the offertory time titled “I Lay Down My Life.”

I will end by saying that it has been a joy writing these blogs. I hope that they have been inspirational, challenging, and discipling to you. If there is a subject you would like to discuss next year, just email me, and we will dialogue on it through these blogs.

January begins with a series on why we do the music we do, and why we don’t do certain other music.

Love you,


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