Biblical Decisions?

December 17 2018

I want to finish this series on throwing in the towel and giving up by talking about the motive behind what we do. Everything, or at least just about everything has a motive or end result as the foundation of why we do it. For instance, why do we eat? There can actually be several reasons, but one that is most common, is that we are hungry and we know that eating satisfies that feeling of hunger. The why of what we do is always important.

When it comes to giving up and saying no more to any given situation is always housed in a reason. It is only when we know that reason can a right decision be made. We must spend time not only finding out the reason we want to walk away from a situation, but we need to make sure that decision is Biblically based. It is never our right, as a Christian, to make decisions without having the lens of Scripture guide us.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my accountability partner, and he made a statement about his daughter’s discovery at college. She was challenged with a non-biblical world view of certain things and her thought was, “my mom and dad would know that, and I know that is not right, but I don’t know how to take the right stand because I have not owned Christianity and the responsibilities of Christianity myself.”

So here is that challenge again for all of us. Is our decisions biblical? Or are they emotional and well, maybe selfish? Transparently speaking, I have watched literally 100’s of people over the past several years make emotional decisions instead of biblical because of lack of Biblical foundation and ownership of the responsibility of being a Christian.

The sacredness that comes from the words “I am a Christian…a follower of Jesus Christ” is weighty. Our decisions, especially the ones about walking away from something or someone must be biblical.

On the lighter side of things, one week from now, we have Christmas Eve. You don’t want to miss this time. It is not only going to be moving, but it will be a joy to be together. It will be a special time.

This Sunday December 23, we will have an hour specifically focusing on Christmas. We sing the Matt Maher song “Glory (Let there be Peace), a beautiful arrangement of “Away in a Manger,” “The First Noel”, and “Emmanuel.” My friend Lynn and I are doing a song titled “Wrap This One Up” that is an absolutely moving song that I believe will take us to the foot of the cross. We will use the old song “Come and See” by Lenny LeBlanc for the response time.

It will be a great worship time…see you Sunday.

Love you,


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