The Three Questions

December 10 2018

Continuing on with the question of what does it take for us to give up and throw in the towel….let’s talk about who is at the center of our decisions? A few weeks ago, Dr. Ross emphasized in his message that anything that is above our love for Jesus is an idol. He also emphasized that we as Christians, need to be about three things in our life. We are to love God, love people, and make disciples. Anything that doesn’t lead us to that never needs to be put in to a place above Christ. I have to admit, that unfortunately, I have failed in this on more than a few occasions. And yet! We have to look at this and ask ourselves these questions. I have to wonder how many times people that I am surrounded with, and also I, have thrown my hands up because I don’t like something, and I decide to not put others before me to stick something out. It comes back to the three things that have to be the main things in our lives. These three questions have to be, in my opinion, the three questions we have to ask ourselves before we say “no more.” We have to stop and say, “If I give up and walk away does it conform to me loving God, loving people, and making disciples?” Unfortunately, if we are honest, I think that most of the time we decide to walk away from a person or situation because it doesn’t suit us or our preferences.

What comes to mind when you take a few minutes to ask why? What is the answer of what causes us to make THE decisions we do?

Every week I sit and work on an order of worship. I ask the same question every time. “God, what are the words You want hear from Your people this week?” I carefully weigh the contents of the songs in light of what Dale is speaking. I look at the other elements we are needing to do in a particular service, and sometimes it is a huge struggle to sing less because of all the other things. And yet, when it is balanced in the light of what God is saying, then it is not just the songs and a sermon God speaks through. This week, for instance some, when Barbara Wilson walks up to talk about the candle that represents Peace, God’s voice could possibly be clearer than the rest of the service to some. When we sing “Joy to the World,” “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee,” and “What Child is This,” God’s voice will speak through these very old songs that have been around longer than any of us. There are four youth that are going to play a medley of Christmas songs that could possibly be the crowning sound from the Lord to someone. Dale will be wrapping up the series on James, and those parting words at the end of James could be the loudest.

There are all kinds of things that might not be in our preferences. If I had my preferences, many things in my life would be different. Many things that I believe is just down right wrong would change, and yet, for some those are the exact things that need to happen because… is not about me. It is, however, about loving God, loving people, and making disciples.

I will end this very heavy blog by simply asking us to ponder the “why” and see if it lines up with Scripture.

Love you very much,


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